shannon c. mcmullan

Dance Visions NY: 2017 Summer Season

Dance Visions NY, Inc., is Long Island’s celebrated dance company that presents the authentic Isadora Duncan repertory as well as contemporary works that often use Duncan principles to inform the movement approach. Dance Visions NY brings Duncan’s artistic legacy into the present through the performance of authentic Duncan works as passed on to Beth Jucovy through her 2nd generation Duncan mentors, as well as through presentation of original works, influenced by the Duncan aesthetic, that take on a different form in the modern world.

The 2017 summer season was Shannon's first season as an apprentice for Dance Visions NY. The company performed in various venues in Long Island, NY including: Sands Point Conservatory, Cedarmere-Clayton Estates, Clark Gardens, and Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

Shannon performed the following Duncan repertory under the coaching of Beth Jucovy: Butterfly, Orientale, Bacchanal, Valse Brilliante, Airgai, Priestess, Dubinushka, Varshavianka, Pathetique, and Berceuse.