shannon c. mcmullan

Art Collaboration in India

In collaboration with Colorado State University and The Alliance of Global Education in Pune, India, a ten-day art collaboration project was held with the local NGO, Ankur Vidyamandir. At the conclusion of the project, an exhibit was curated to display final projects.

Ankur Vidyamandir is an all-inclusive school located in Pune, India. Their mission statement is One School for All, which encompasses their belief that all children, disabled or non-disabled, should be allowed an equal and holistic education together. The school has been in established for 30 years and grown from 2 students to 200 students, with 80 having a disability and 120 being nondisabled. The project team worked with the school to collaborate on the design and creation of a mural and posters to represent the message of inclusivity. The purpose of the designs were to accurately represent the population within the school to those who attend and to spread the message externally throughout the community.

The closing ceremony and exhibition was a communal gathering of the students, faculty members, organizations, and host families to celebrate the conclusion of the International Arts Collaboration in India with Colorado State University. The event acted as a gallery for all the project teams to display their products and include an interactive portion for guests to participate in. The purpose of the event was to solidify the connections was made and to share experiences in a new country.