shannon c. mcmullan

2019 Isadora Duncan International Symposium

Mission Statement: The Isadora Duncan International Symposium (IDIS) is an organization for the international community of practitioners of the philosophy, technique, choreography and legacy of Isadora Duncan. IDIS provides opportunities in which practitioners can share work, learn best practices, and develop new colleagues, thus strengthening and enlarging the existing world-wide Duncan community in order to expand the reach and impact of Isadora’s revolutionary ideas.

At the 2019 Isadora Duncan International Symposium in London, UK, Shannon was heavily involved in presenting her own choreography, teaching workshops, and performing with other companies.

Shannon taught the workshop “Connecting Isadora to Vedic Tradition for Contemporary Wellness Practices” with a purpose of finding similarities in Isadora’s technique and the traditional values in Yoga practice. In this workshop, participants were led through a traditional vinyasa class focused on opening and channeling the qualities of the Manipura Chakra. Similar to Isadora’s interpretation of the Solar Plexus, the Manipura Chakra qualities include personal power, confidence, and how humans assert ourselves in the world. When the Manipura is open it allows for the ability to move forward through life with courage and determination.

“enervated.” (2019) was choreographed by Shannon during January 2019 for National Choreography Month and then performed on stage April 2019 at the NACHMO Artists Gala and then again at the 2019 Isadora Duncan International Symposium. This work is the latest of choreography by Shannon that is influenced by the Duncan technique and recreated for the contemporary audience. “enervated.” pays tribute to the many movement techniques that have built the foundation of Shannon’s choreographic language and movement style.