shannon c. mcmullan

2019 AEC Tech Seattle

On March 29-31, 2019 CORE studio hosted the first AEC Tech 2019: West Coast Hackathon in Seattle at the UW Center for Education and Research in Construction!

AEC Tech is an annual event spanning four days which include workshops, symposium, and hackathon with the goal to produce a space for creative minds to build new technology, learn skills, and foster connections with like-minded individuals. The annual four-day experience takes place in New York City every year during the fall and the Hackathon travels at least once a year within the United States. Our first west coast Hackathon is made possible by our partnership and collaboration with Robert McNeel & Associates!

The event kicked off with masterclasses on Friday with classes focused on Building Web Applications and .Net Applications. Friday concluded with a mini-symposium from local presenters at Microsoft, Mithun, and Robert McNeel & Associates. 

The Hackathon kicked-off on Saturday and concluded on Sunday afternoon with a happy hour! We welcome 50 hackers for the weekend and resulted in 6 open source products. All presentations and GitHub links can be found here. Attendees came from all over the country and world including the United States, Canada, and Japan.